A virtuoso whose drive, talent and intuition have placed him in the top tier of dance music artists in the world.

Artist’s Biography

From global success in the commercial domain, to equal accomplishments within the underground scene, Dubfire (aka. Ali Shirazinia) is a virtuoso whose drive, talent and intuition have placed him in the top tier of dance music artists in the world. With an unrelenting work ethic and a determination to innovate, evolve, and entertain, Dubfire continues to be recognized as a leading innovator in the electronic music industry today. And this particular year marks the tenth anniversary of his solo career and his revered SCI+TEC imprint. Whether it’s his involvement with legendary dance music duo Deep Dish, his solo performances at an extensive list of the world’s most influential clubs and festivals, his dubfire:live HYBRID show, running SCI+TEC, or simply his exploration of audio and visual technology, Dubfire is in a class of his own.

Born in Iran and raised in the U.S. from the age of seven, Ali first developed his skills playing at local clubs in Washington, D.C. He was introduced to Sharam Tayebi through a childhood friend and soon after they formed Deep Dish; a production and DJ duo that conquered the world of electronic music – picking up a Grammy in the process – in addition to a vast array of other awards and accolades. At the height of their success, both opted to take a step back and pursue solo careers, with the Dubfire alias allowing him to express his deeply rooted love for techno. He quickly integrated himself into the minimalistic techno scene and produced several key releases that cemented him as a true visionary and a force to be reckoned with; ‘Ribcage’, ‘Emissions‘, and ‘Roadkill’ and of course his iconic remix of Radio Slave and Danton Eeprom’s ‘Grindhouse,’ now widely considered a bona fide techno classic.

Never satisfied with the status quo, Dubfire developed a live show in 2014 that has been running since its launch at ADE that year; his HYBRID concept has been reinventing the concert experience by seamlessly weaving together elements of 2D and 3D animation with live audio and lighting, exploring the intersection of science and technology – of man and machine – and their resulting evolution and inevitable fusion. HYBRID has been wowing audiences worldwide, visiting 29 cities in 20 different countries over the past year and a half. It will also
hit Madrid and Florence, before the tour draws to a close at the end of 2017 in Tokyo.

Dubfire’s story is also set to be told through a documentary titled “Above Ground Level”. The film chronicles his career trajectory from fleeing Iran as a young 7-year old, to becoming one of the biggest electronic music stars on the planet. Telling a human story of an immigrant in pursuit of the American dream, the film steers clear of past electronic music cliches and gives an in depth look at the hard work and sacrifice needed to become a success within the electronic music scene. It will premiere in the beginning of 2017, and has already been selected for it’s world premiere at The Miami Film Festival.

Finally, this year marks the major milestone of Dubfire’s tenth year as a solo artist. To celebrate, he’s releasing a retrospective compilation – much in the vein of his critically
acclaimed Retrospectivo album with Oliver Huntemann last year – including, besides many new remixes and edits, a decade of his best work. But Dubfire is not one to look back; with this year also marking the tenth anniversary of his label, he continues to push the envelope and challenge himself. The [SCI+TEC]10 world tour has already taken him to BPM and will lead him to some of the key music events around the world, starting off in Beirut and Miami Music Week.

In the studio and on stage, a decade later and at the top of his game, Dubfire remains committed to his creative vision; constantly transforming and helping to forge new paths within the world of electronic music.

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