DNF Booking Crew is an international booking agency founded in 2002 and based in Rome.

Initiated by the same people who founded both the legendary DC10 CLUB in Ibiza and the worldwide celebrated CIRCOLOCO format, DNF is one of the foremost contemporary electronic music agencies in Europe, covering a broad spectrum of musical genres, styles and nationalities.

DNF has organized events all over the world, promoting the most important names in electronics and pop, and has been an important factor in the development of many artists who are global icons today, from the first career stages.

DNF’s reputation as one of the most innovative agencies in the contemporary electronic music circuit is due to its vision of musical entertainment as a cultural and social event that must be constantly explored and redefined.

A vision that demonstrates not only the quality of the roster, but also the high standards of human, ethical and technical production in the creation of new forms of entertainment.

Since 2015, DNF produces also the JUST MUSIC FESTIVAL, an annual international music festival that transforms the city of Rome into the stage of a big contemporary event: dj sets, concerts and performances, with the most important artists worldwide, crossing styles, genres and nations to explore new contexts and new audiences.