Infinity Ink

Infinity Ink has taken a multitude of twists and turns en route to the present day.

Artist’s Biography

Consisting of long-term friends Ali Love and Luca C, the duo’s musical voyage has spread from their early days in a variety of bands, through London’s vibrant nightlife, and further collaborations alongside The Chemical Brothers, Justice, Roisin Murphy, and Robert Owens, right up to their current work with Hot Natured (Ali and Luca are one half of the band), and the Crosstown Rebels and Hot Creations crews.

Their debut track ‘Games’ on Hot Creations was rooted with a funk-infused hypnotic bassline and immediately created a buzz around the project. Whilst breakthrough single ‘Infinity’, has become an irrepressible juggernaut with total YouTube views now in excess of the 10 million mark. ‘Infinity’ found a natural momentum; first as an underground anthem, then a huge Ibiza record last summer, and went onto achieve crossover success across Europe (including a stint in the upper echelons of the French and Belgian charts). It’s doesn’t need to be said but it’s a rare feat for the record from this scene to make that kind of journey. A proper contemporary anthem.

Showing a different side to the duo, Infinity Ink have recently made the track ‘Aya’ available as a free download from their official site The track takes its lyrical cues from Sixties psychedelic rock, and the genesis of ‘Aya’ neatly encapsulates the Infinity Ink spirit of chaos yielding to creativity.

Infinity Ink have toured the world, with gigs in the States and South America, plus shows across Europe. A live favourite, Infinity Ink are a point of difference with the musical talent to match. Watch the skys.

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